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The following postcards were emailed to me from Vancouver, Canada, with the following explanation:

I've attached 4 scanned post cards of Gainsborough from the turn of the 19th century. These four post cards come from my Great-Great Grandmother's collection which includes over 100 post cards from within and outside Lincolnshire. Her collection spanned approximately 15 years. My Great-Great Grandmother (Elizabeth Sellars ne Parker) was born and raised in Coningsby in 1838. I learned a lot about Lincolnshire especially about Coningsby, Tattershall and Boston from my Grandad (Aubrey Osgarby) who was born and raised in Coningsby in 1905 but later moved to Canada. I've been fortunate to have visited Lincolnshire a couple of times and I certainly feel it is a very beautiful part of England. I'm currently reviewing the post card collection trying to transcribe the messages on the post cards and I hope to determine the sender of the post cards. It's an exciting way to learn about the family tree and local events around Lincolnshire.

I am putting thumbnails of these postcards on this page, but you can access a larger version by clicking on each one. I have blanked out the names and part of the addresses of the recipients for privacy purposes.

Postcard 1
Postcard 2 - The Aegir
Postcard 3
Postcard 4 - Market Place


Postcard 5


Postcard 6 - Lea Rd




Postcard 8 - Market St


Postcard 9 - Lea Rd


Postcard 10 - Trinity St