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View down Church St. looking away from the town centre.
The wall and tree on the left of the picture belong to the John Robinson Memorial Hall.



The opposite end of the street, looking towards the town centre. This photograph, taken in 1963, shows the demolition of the Church St. gas works (centre left). The building in the left foreground is Elm Cottage. Note that the position of the car outside Elm Cottage is a reminder that at that time Church St. was open to two-way traffic.

I have had the following information from ROGER BAILEY. I have used Roger's information and his name with his full permission.

"I had not visited Gainsborough for quite a long time and when I passed through recently I was surprised at how much it had changed. Although I've lived nearly all my life in Middlesbrough I was actually born in Gainsborough in 1942. My father was in the RAF and he and my mother were lodging with a Mrs Maude Armstrong at no 1 PARADISE PLACE where I came into the world. We all used to come back to Aunty Maudes as we called her for our holidays right up until she died in the 1970s. The fondest memories of my life are of those Gainsborough years I particularly remember when I was a boy falling in the horse trough outside of the ELM COTTAGE. I must say I was saddened to see how much it had changed, at Paradise Place stood a garage I was quite upset that my birth place had gone. Still time moves on and inevitably things change. Never the less I can never forget those halcyon days I spent in your town"